International Social Work


The present book represents a collective effort of the editors of Social Work Review, edited by the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest in collaboration with the Polirom Publishing House. This supplement brings together theoretical contributions of internationally renowned social work academic and researchers. The editorial effort complements current concerns in the international social work, as most of the chapters of the book present current concern themes for the social work community.

The novelty of this project lays in the fact that we are bringing together prestigious authors from throughout the world – the European Union, across the Ocean, as well as African and Asian countries – authors with nationally or internationally resonant names. We are contented that Romania is also joining the current trend of exploring the international dimension of this profession, thus bringing a contribution to value the authors presented in the pages of this book.

We present authors who approach global subjects bringing upfront fundamental philosophical debates around the profession, authors who give a well-deserved importance to specialised practice as well as researchers who base their contributions on the evaluation of services and specialised programs. We open the debate with a global perspective on social work at the beginning of the New Millennium with Doru Buzducea’s article (Social Work in the New Millennium: a Global Perspective). Historical roots and epistemological arguments are made to support the development of social work as a profession ...


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