The National College of Social Workers (CNASR) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers from Romania, with 5782 members. CNASR represents, defends and promotes the rights and interests of members locally, nationally and internationally, defends the honor, freedom and independence of professional social workers in the profession, ensure the fulfill the obligations that social workers have towards the beneficiaries, institutions and society, according to the professional ethics.



The National College of Social Workers of Romania


The National College of Social Workers of Romania is an active member of the Data System of Internal Market IMI created by the European Commission for administrative cooperation between the member states. Based on the decision regarding professional qualitifactions (Decission 2005/36/CE) The National College of Social Workers of Romania participates by the IMI system alongside with the competent authorities from countries such as Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, a.s.o. to the process of certifying and acknowledgement of social work profession. By using IMI system and instant recognition it is facilitated the absorption on work labour force of the social workers from EU states.

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