The National College of Social Workers begun its activity in February 2005 based on the law 466/04.11.2004 as a professional organization, non-governmental, of public interest, apolitical, non-profit, with juridical personality, autonomous and independent.

The National College of Social Workers is autonomous and independent in rapport with any public authority or juridical personae of private right and develops its activities without any interference.

The National College of Social Workers by its parts is the representative of social workers in Romania in relations with governmental and non-governmental authorities and institutions, internal and international.

The National College of Social Workers is organized on territorial criteria at national and regional level. Between The National College of Social Workers and regional colleges, included the one from Bucharest, there are rapports of functional, organizational and financial autonomy by respecting the subsidiary principle that is present in the book of rules. The application of subsidiary principle implies assigning competences and responsibilities regarding the priorities of the regional structures. By exception, certain assignments can be accomplished in an optimal manner at a central level and, therefore, the division of the competences will be made by the national council of The National College of Social Workers.

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