The Executive Committee


Doru Buzducea - is President of the Executive Committee of the National College of Social Workers (CNASR) since 2012. Among his main objectives as a president are the following: CNSAR institutional development by establishing new branches; social, business and educational partnership development; making the CNASR visible internationally by joining global professional networks. Dr. Buzducea is a professor of social work and doctoral thesis coordinator at the University of Bucharest. Since 2008 he is Vice-dean at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. Within the faculty, he is the manager of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Social Services and manager of the MA programme of Groups at Risk and Social Services of Support.

Since 2010 he is the President of the Association of Social Schools of Romania and he is eager to raise the growth of education quality programmes in social work as well as establishing a doctoral school in social work. He collaborated as a consultant with international prestigious institutions as UNICEF, USAID, UNAIDS, UNODC, DHHS. He is the chief-editor of the Social Work Review ( In 2009 he was a member of the Presidential Commission of Analysing Social and Demographic Risks. He reveived his BLS in social work (1995), his MSW in social policies (1996) and his PhD in sociology (1999) from University of Bucharest. He has published many relevant books in social work.


lucan.jpgEugen Lucan
- is the Vice-president of the National College of    Social Work since 2007. Among his objective as a vice-president we mention the eagerness to promote the social work profession at European level, advocacy campaigns to implement national and European legislation to support social work, raising the social workers’ visibility and reputation, and joining CNASR at global professional networks. He has BA degree in social work (1997, University of Bucharest), post-university degree certificate of international law (2003, University of Bucharest), MA degree in public sector management (2004, SNASPA), tutor certificate (1993, Pedagogic College & The National Nursery Examination Board-UK). He is CESE counsellor, member of SOC section of CESE, member of social economy group of CESE, member of political monitoring of CDR&CESE. He is co-author at the Social Work’s Manual in Romania edited by UNICEF. He is the first social worker in Romania who had a representative position in a European institution by being elected in 2006 to represent Romania in the European Economic and Social Committee (C.E.S.E.). He is one of the promoters and supporters of “housing first” pattern and social economy on social services in Romania and Europe. He is CESE counsellor from 2007. In 2011 he received the distinction “Personality of the year for a European Romania” for the category of European Institutions Official for his contribution at social economy development. At the present, he has the following functions and responsibilities: CESE counsellor since 2007, member of SOC section of CESE (; President at Angel Association (; Social work and social economy expert at the Association for Romanian Centre for Human Development and Education; member of Administrative Council of SAMUSOCIAL Association of Romania (


salaj.pngFlorian Valeriu Salajeanu - is the Vice-president of National College of Social Work (since 2012) and member in the Executive Committee of CNASR. As a former president of the College (2005-2007, 2007-2012) participated in elaborating main strategies, actions and research regarding the value of social worker at national and international level. He has BA degree double major: Theology and Social Work (1996), MA degree in Human Rights (2001), Ph. D. in Sociology (2012) at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. He is a founding member and president of Nongovernmental Professional Association of Social Work - ASSOC Baia Mare. Also, he is a member in the Sectorial Health and Social Work Committee. He is a former chief of DGASPC Maramures, state secretary at the Labour Ministry, president of Committee of Rehabilitation and Integration of People with Disabilities - CDPRR within the European Council and assisting professor at the North University of Baia Mare.


durnescu.pngIoan Durnescu - is the president of the Commission of Strategy and Professional Development of National College of Social Work since 2012. He has BA degree in Social Work since 1997, BA degree in Law, MA degree in Social Polices and Ph. D. in Sociology since 2004. He is a professor at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest. He is the coordinator of the MA degree programme on Probation. His research activity is focused on social deviance: penitentiaries, probation etc. Dr. Durnescu is the president of Foundation of Promoting Community Sanctions and a member of European Conference of Probation (CEP). Also, he is editor of European Journal of Probation ( Ioan Durnescu has a rich experience in counselling area being active in countries such as: Jordania, Albania, UK etc. He has published many relevant studies social work, probation and criminology.


CERASELA.pngCerasela Nicoleta PREDESCU (PORUMB) - is the president of the Commission of Professional Recognition and a member of the Executive Committee of CNASR. Formerly she was the vice-president of CNSAR (2005-2007, 2007-2011). She has a BA degree in Social Work at the University of Bucharest (1991-1995), MA degree in the Management of Social Services (1996, University of Strathclyde, UK), MA degree in Organisational Management (1995-1996, University of Bucharest), MA degree in Governing and Institutional Development (2000-2002, S.N.S.P.A.), Ph. D. in Sociology at the National School of Political Studies and Politic Administration. Her professional path is marked by an intensive field activity during 1993-1999 in the programme for social inclusion of street children, counselling for HIV positive families and children at the Colentina Hospital, programs of sexual education for youngsters in school, coordination of social services for family and children and she was involved in opening the first residential institution in 1995.
Furthermore, as a deputy-team leader of the programme of reform for child protection  ”ChildNet” (2000-2007) she used her expertise by actively contributing at legislation elaboration and quality standards in the area by supporting numerous interventions and trainings for professionals for the governmental and nongovernmental sector by being an adamant supporter of the private – public partnership for social development. She was also involved as an international consultant by offering expertise in the area of social sector reform within contracts with UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, DFID, BERD. Presently she is the executive chair of Pro ACT Support whose mission is to promote the rights of people with disabilities and to help for their social inclusion. During 2000-2009 she lectured at the Faculty of Political Sciences from SNSPA as an associate professor.


flicia.pngMaria Felicia Mihai - is the president for the Commission for Continuous Professional Studies within the Executive Committee of the National College of Social Work. She has a BA degree in social work at the University ,,Al.I.Cuza” of Iasi. MA degree in: Social Management and Community Development and Career Management in Social Work. She has an extensive experience of over 10 years in professional forming of adults and in supervising and coordinating the speciality students in social work. She established and organised the social work system for child protection in Botosani County as a manager of DGASPC between 1997-2007. She contributed in developing social services for children and elderly people with disabilities. Currently, she is the chief of a community service that targets child protection that offers services for abused, neglected and exploited children as well as juvenile delinquency, intra-family violence, and last but not least, counselling for parents and children. During her 18 years of professional career she was involved in numerous activities that targeted child protection in Romania. She is a national expert in promoting children’s rights and coordinator in social projects. She is the president of CNASR in Botosani County since 2008 and an active supporter of social work profession as she organises the annual Days of Social Work since 2009 up to the present.


marinela.pngMarinela Carmen Grigore - is the president of Commission for Professional Deontology of the National College of Social Work since 2012. She is a main social worker, BA degree in Social work since 1998 at the University of Bucharest. Since 2007 she has a BA degree in Psychology. Since 2009 she has a MA degree in Project Management. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Bucharest. Associate lecturer at the “Ovidius” University of Constanta. She is coordinator of Holt Romania - Foundation for Counselling and Social Services for Children and ANC authorised trainer. She has rich experience in psychology and child, adult, couple and family counselling. She is the president of the Association of Social Services, Counselling and Professional Formation in Social Area (since 2009). She runs her own cabinet of social work since 2010.

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